Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~*I'm Sorry*~

In my last post I asked for prayer over the important paperwork with a misspelled name.  I unintentionally embarrassed my dear sweet husband and I sincerely apologize for that. 

I adore this man who is sitting in China, without his family (outside of Grampster), for 3 weeks...and he's very ready to come home already.  

Adopting is stressful for the child and for the adult.  You enter survival mode for days.  You ignore many behaviors that you normally would not allow simply for the sake of keeping the peace until you can come home and address said behaviors in a routined and organized way.

Pray for Devin to have the energy to keep up with this busy little blessing!

Pray for Devin and Analina to be prepared to add Dalton in just a few days!

Pray for energy and perseverance! 

**Love you honey!**


  1. Tell Devin that Kaia (whose full name is Kaiana) was not named for 2 weeks after birth, and most of that reason was because Tim could not remember how to spell it and kept getting confused..... so we weren't sure we wanted to make her name official on her birth certificate because we wanted her daddy to be able to spell her name. lol
    And he has no need to be embarrassed. What a really awesome Daddy he has turned out to be! I just wish we lived closer, you guys are an awesome family I would love my family to be around more.


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