Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~*Prayer Please*~

My Shanghai family is off to sleep by this time and I wish them sweet dreams!

I do have a prayer request for my prayer warriors out there.

There is a misspelling on her Passport and while its not her first name misspelled but her middle name, it could still cause major problems!  

He was suppose to make phone calls and see what needs to be done to correct this.  

Pray he did!
Pray its easily and quickly fixed!

I am partially laughing at this whole thing because he said to me, "You know I can't spell"!  Oh, honey, I love you and your procrastinating, misspelled self!  Hit the ground running when you get up, though, to get this fixed!

Here's the a few facts about the Shanghai Princess:

She loves to dance!
She loves to laugh! 
When asked who she liked more she said she liked Mama more than Baba (Daddy).
She needs shoes on or her foot collapses. 
She's not had one accident but needs to have a bowel movement...kiddos with Spina Bifida are terribly PRONE to constipation and she could get very sick if she doesn't go soon.  (Diet change and stress can, also, add to the not going issue).

Here's the Princess!

Excellent view of her right foot turned completely right.

V for Victory!

I adore her lounge chair and side table! So cute!

Beautiful inside and out!


  1. Definately praying for favor and ease of passage on their journey!!

  2. She looks comfortable in her photos, like she trusts where she is and the people she's with (Baba!!!). That's so wonderful to see so quickly! :-)

  3. I will be praying for the situation!


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