Sunday, August 19, 2012


We headed south today after church to get last minute running around done to send the hubster off to China for 3 weeks (~sob~)...sadly, we missed our church picnic.  Major mom fail!  We go EVERY year and our children just LOVE IT!  The other large family at church (with 7 kiddos!) was so bummed out that we wouldn't be year, though, we'll so be there!  

While we were traipsing around Sam's Club we passed one sample lady doing a song and dance routine (not even kidding!) and another sample lady immediately recognizes us from the newspaper article 6 weeks ago!

That has never happened to our family and while it was incredibly foreign it, also, felt great!  This is our calling in care for the least of these and be a blessing to others!

Its, also, a great reminder that people are always watching our family!  While we strive to be a blessing I know we sometimes fail and disappoint or frustrate others...but we keep trying!  

One week from today the hubinator will have our sweet Analina!  (Sunday night our time and Monday morning China time!)



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  1. Your family will all be together soon!!!! I'm so excited for you!


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