Sunday, August 26, 2012

~*Fri. and Sat. at Home*~

Well, our weekend has not consisted of being picked up by pretty Asian students (~wink~) or walking 10 miles around a foreign city! 

However, we did hit our town's Summerfest and the children came home with new toys...we all enjoy archery and these were super cheap but well built (out of pvc pipe).  We were sad to see some of our favorite venders were not there selling their wares so it was a quick trip.

Backing up to Friday night we enjoyed a movie and popcorn...sadly, there was an incident where a certain parent dropped the hot pot and it did one of those crazy roll across the counter things right into the hands of a waiting 2 yr old.  
Watching the extras on Ratatouille

Can't see the burn on her left hand but its the size of a quarter to half-dollar. 

PRAISE GOD that her burn is not severe! I filled up a tub of soapy cold water and gave her lots of things to play with and she kept her hands in it playing for about 30 minutes.  That helped immensely!

"Mommy fall?"  
Well, the pot fell but her concern for me is so sweet!
The only time it bothers her is if she bumps it. 
Total fail on my part but so glad for forgiving children and quick healing!  

Sat. nights plan was to catch lightening bugs, however, that was a fail, too!  They were out and around but way up high in the trees and the children couldn't catch them!  Fireflies are winding down now anyway and not many are out this late in summer.  

Lovely, Kitty, we all appreciate the food still stuck on your tongue! 
Have a great Sunday!

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