Sunday, August 26, 2012

~*Sat and Sun in Shanghai*~

The hubster and grampster had a great nights sleep on Sat. after they got in but both were up at 5 a.m. Shanghai time on Sunday. They enjoyed the breakfast buffet!
Talking to me via Skype* on Sat. night.

Sunday in Shanghai comprised of much exploring for the guys. 

This included: 
Peoples Square
Shanghai Museum
A 12 story mall
Dinner at Lisboa (Hong Kong/Portuguese fusion restaurant)
Meeting a group of language students from Beijing
Getting snatched up by said students and taken to a...
Tea Ceremony

Enjoy the pictures!  

The guys love architecture!

Wall Fountain

More cool buildings.


More coolness!

They didn't go down there but how neat is this!

Love this little hidden gem! So wish I were there!

At the 12 story mall

This cute guy is called 3 Hairs!

Look there he is! 

From down below in the mall!
He's bringing home some of this tea! Beautiful!

The husband with the 5 language students from Beijing! Cute no?

Funny girls!

Its hot and sweaty in Shanghai and full of cute students! ;0)

  The guys are resting now and in just 12 hours they should be getting Analina! I cannot believe how close they are to meeting her.  The hardest thing ever is to not be there for this moment with my husband.  Its for a reason, I know, but its still very hard!  

Tonight, our time, I will hopefully be skyping with my daughter from the other side of the world! 

Love you baby girl!  

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