Tuesday, September 4, 2012

~*3 Lanes and 7 Alley's*~

This folks is the highlight of staying in Fuzhou for my husband...he appreciates rare performance cars and it doesn't get much rarer than a Spyker!

Rear engine, 400hp, and worth between $280,000 and $355,000!  This car belongs to someone staying at the hotel where they are.  He was totally geeked!  That would be the engine you see through the rear window!  

My husband is not a "car guy" per se, however, he does truly appreciate great performance cars!  Don't even get him going on rotary engines!

Ok...back to the day they just finished!

The guide took them to 3 Lanes and 7 Alley's for some exploring and shopping.  This is an historic shopping district in the heart of Fuzhou that is still being restored.  They had fun shopping, walking around and exploring.

While out and about the little mans sandals fell completely apart;

These were a bit ill fitting anyway....

 so he is now sporting new ones.  
New sandals and a great family pic!

Someone still hasn't warmed up to Grampster...can you tell by the distance between them?  

Getting creative at the hotel room! 

I spent a LONG time on Skype* with the family and my soul needed it...I'm missing my man so badly and with this crazy cold trying to turn infection I am so run down.  

I witnessed one of Analina's mega fits.  Wow, time outs work so well for her!  Dalton is her silent accomplice in much mischief.  She is totally the ring leader and her sweet face is so deceptive!  This girl is sweet but sneaky!
Time out!

She calmed right down!

Little man has been sleeping on the floor because that's where he is comfortable. 

Yes, he really did fall asleep right there while we were talking...we quickly said goodbye so Devin could get this little man ready for bed!

Please continue to pray for adjustments!
Our health...Devin and I both are fighting nasty colds turning to infections...So sweet; we even get sick together!

 A few cute but random pictures from our Skype* event!  (Seriously, must have talked for 90 minutes!)

Putting his juice in Analina's tea cup!

Isaiah 24:14
They raise their voices, they shout for joy;
    from the west they acclaim the Lord’s majesty.  

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  1. China is lovely! I'm really enjoying all the pictures from their adventures! Praying for healing and solid attachments to form!


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