Friday, September 28, 2012

~*A Few Questions Answered*~

So, now that you've met our seventh blessing I have been asked by a few how I managed to go 9 months without saying anything on the blog or on the book of faces...

I had the wonderful distraction of preparing for two 5 yr olds!  It certainly wasn't to be deceitful as some might suggest. Our agency was *thrilled* for us, honestly, they warmly welcomed this little guy into our family fold!

How was this pregnancy?

Amazing!  Truly the easiest one YET!  I had some pelvic/hip pain due to premature separating of the pelvis from around 18 weeks (oh joy!) and that made it impossible for me to go for walks or hiking. I was so upset but quickly moved on!

Over the summer I switched over to a super high protein and low carb diet because it made me feel like I was running on all cylinders....but with the busyness of getting Devin ready for China I neglected to watch my protein/carb intake for 2 weeks and around 36 weeks the Doctor noticed my blood sugar and blood pressure creep up.  Switched back that day and BAM!  Problem solved!

So very glad it was that simple!
Eat high protein every 2-3 hours! That's it!

How do the older children feel about adding 3 at once?  
What do you think?

We added 3 at once last time and it had its challenges, however, it was such a blessing.  I've had so many offers for help and when one of my helpers came (Hi Mom!) we found there wasn't much she needed to help with.  

My children fold/put away their own laundry, they can sweep, do dishes, clean the bathroom, fix simple breakfast and lunches, etc.  We do hear from the critics that believe its simply slave labor or that the older ones are raising the younger ones.  I don't think you realize the dynamics of our family...our children actually LIKE each other!  Odd concept, huh? 

We understand that the vast majority of the population does not agree with our choice of embracing all children.   
Don't ask us when we're done; ask us who is next!  (But not for a long while...we want to enjoy these guys for now!) 

Seriously, though, we have an open door orphan policy in our house.  Our door will always be open to children in need. 



  1. You rock girl. A heart for children,all gods children, no matter the shapes and sizes. And if I ever hAve something to keep quite. You are the keeper of all good secrets! Again you rock.

  2. Love you and all your babes!


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