Monday, September 3, 2012

~*A New Day*~

 So far, Fuzhou is beautiful!

Especially at night!

 My little man slept well for his Baba, as did Analina!

 When I last left them it was morning for them and the day was just beginning.  Everyone had slept well but Dalton stood sadly by the window clinging to his bags.  He looked like he was waiting...waiting for someone to come pick him up....

They met up with the guide at 10 a.m. to have the adoption finalized.  

My guess was right...Dalton tried to go with the people from the orphanage and there were a few tears.  Penny the guide took them to the Market for supplies and they came back to the room and crashed after a good lunch...I think it was emotionally exhausting for everyone these last 24 hours.  They all slept for 4 hours!

Devin noticed that Dalton seemed not only comfortable with the guide, Penny, but quite familiar with her.  We don't know the details but she has been seeing him regularly for months. Apparently she sees the children regularly at the Jinjiang* orphanage and that, I am sure, helps the little ones transition better as they have someone they are comfortable with!   

These two pictures are from the moment that Devin received Dalton.  The first one breaks my heart. My sweet boy is so terrified...clearly he desires for Penny to pick him up and take him back! 

These last pictures are random ones from last night.

 The picture above was Grampsters angle on Analina being motherly to Dalton. You can see me on the laptop on the desk taking it all in.  

They are now settling into another night together.  Tomorrow they are planning a visit to 3 Lanes and 7 Alley's, a temple on Wed. and they are set for an orphanage visit on Thursday if everyone is up to it.  

Please pray for the following.

Analina to continue to adjust; she is extra whiny and hyper.
Dalton to continue to adjust; he is clearly still mourning.
For my husband to feel better; he thinks its just allergies but you never know!

We are grateful for Grampster coming along to be the extra hands in my place!

Have a good day and I pray they rest well!  

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  1. I know you know this but it is totally normal for both of the children to be freaked out. Poor dears. You are one of the greatest gifts they could imagine, but it is all so new and so scary for them right now. May God bless them with peace. I don't like new situations and for them there are a ton of new things to cope with...Caucasian faces and a different language and strange clothing. It has to be hard. It is just going to take time...


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