Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~*A Tale of Two Temples*~

This is a tale of two temples; separated by 10,782 miles!

The first temple boasted 300 year old banyan trees and another tree that was over 1000 years old! 

The lions guard the temple as a pair.  A male and a female lion.  If you stand between the lions, facing out the same direction they are looking, the female is always on the right because women are always right!  (Truth to them there words!)

The architecture of these buildings is just beautiful!  Much thought and care is put into the creating of them.

As a Christian I am not moved by temples or budda's.  I am moved by the thought and care that my Creator put into making me, His temple!  

The second temple, normally fair in appearance, now is covered in dripping sweat caused by a nasty bacterial infection.  Not the nicest mental imagery, is it? 

Praise God for healing medicine to bring the ill temple back to full health!

My joy boy is transitioning well until the guide goes to leave.  He keeps wanting to go with her back to the orphanage.  Devin has decided against going to the orphanage for a visit.

Ok, completely random turtle picture but cute, no? 

His email to me this morning stated, "I can't wait to be home with the kids so you can see them like I have. They can be so mischievous one moment and sweet the next."

Sounds pretty good to me!    

Proverbs 16:24
Gracious words are a honeycomb,
    sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.


  1. China is very beautiful but you are so right about God's true temple which is each one of us. He really does care and put a lot of detail into each of us! Very happy that your two new sweet additions are bonding well with your husband!

  2. May God bless you and your husband with improved health. I am sure you feel exhausted and weary with the illness and being separated from 3 precious people. And I'm sure your other kiddos feel a longing for Daddy too. May the days go by quickly!

    I love your discussion of temples. I am reading "Jesus Among Other Gods" by Ravi Zacharias and he points out that Christianity is special because it focuses on a Person, not a special place. There is a lot more to it but I need to go make muffins.

    God bless, Laraba

  3. Sista, I'm praying for the days, weeks and months well as what you mentioned on my blog. Your two newest Treasures are beautiful! Congratulations, Mama!

  4. Sorry to hear you're not well, will include this in prayers for you all. Emotional roller coasters have a way of affecting the immune system. Love the banyon trees they are so uniques and beautiful.
    Will continue to pray for all to go well and your crews return home. Then the real work of transitioning as a family begins! Prayers for that too : )


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