Wednesday, September 26, 2012

~*Family Fun*~

I started this post the day before Donovan was born!  I didn't want to delete it!  

"I can't believe they've only been here for 3 days!
 They just fit in perfect like they've always been here! 
Even in the middle of illness and fevers, fear and fits of frustration, they just fit right in!  

Daddy returned to work this morning before the littles woke up and upon waking there were no tears that Daddy wasn't here.  He called to check on me mid-morning to find that all was well; we even got some chores done this morning!"

Today (9/26) I opened a "Congratulations" card and out fell a handful of balloons!  How much fun is that?!

Family fun outside!  

The balloon popped while he was tying it off.

Even the wee one came outside!

The concept of Duck Duck Goose was lost in translation!

That's some hairdo! 

  In the end the balloons mostly popped. At first the sound scared the daylights out of Dalton but after a few moments he realized it was funny and went on to have so much fun!

Today was the first day we felt like a family and not so foreign.  This isn't an everyday occurrence but it definitely felt good to have one of those days already.  

We're getting there!

Welcome to the family our sweet ones!

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  1. Lovely! I'm so happy your family is bonding so well and good to see you were able to get around with your children!


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