Thursday, September 6, 2012

~*Final Fuzhou Fun*~

For the final day in Fuzhou my sweet hubster wanted some fun for the little ones...our little man didn't get that message, though.  He had healing on his mind!

Early in the morning he was mourning.  
It was ugly, it was exhausting for all of them, it was healing!

Devin said that he spied Analina and Dalton walking toward the window holding hands. He couldn't get to the camera soon enough but the picture is still really cute!  

 Seriously, can you believe they are the same age?
Dalton is a 5T and Analina is a combo 2T/3T (she's short on the bottom).   

The rest of the day brought much fun!

They met up with another family and the guide and headed to the nearest park.

The older generation gathers to play games, exercise, play music, sing and even perform opera's!  They scatter by 10 a.m. or so because the heat is so terrible.

Performing an opera!

Love his instrument!

They ended the day by going to the pool!

 The mother of the two girls playing in the pool took many great pics for our family!  She was here 5 yrs ago adopting a beautiful 10 yr old girl, who is now 15, and is back adding the blessing of another 10 yr old!

Daddy and his sweet blessings!

Love this picture! 

Learning to trust! 

Grampster helping his girl!

Today they will pack up and head to Guangzhou for their final week in China.  This where all the American stuff happens so they can enter the country and become citizens when they step foot on American soil.  

Please keep praying for their safety, health, and adjustments.  One week left and they come home!!!

 Romans 12:15 
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.


  1. A nice collection of very cute pictures. Yea, the final leg then home!


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