Saturday, September 1, 2012

~*Fuzhou Saturday*~

An uneventful trip from Shanghai to Fuzhou and a great nights sleep; Saturday in Fuzhou dawned with much promise!

The hotel had a crib and someone was happy!


They wandered around Fuzhou all day Saturday.  The slower pace was exactly what they needed after the insanity of Shanghai.  

Clearly someone likes this!
The explored more parks and museums and simply enjoyed wandering.  They walked many miles and were tired and sore but happy!

She just cradles this baby...I adore that!

Too cool for you!

Rest well for tomorrow you meet Dalton!


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  1. Some adorable pics with grandpa!! How exciting 1 more day and your family will have it's members at last. Then the next few days of finalization and home. Will continue to pray for all to go smoothly.


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