Sunday, September 9, 2012

~*Lazy Days*~

Sunday for the China crew was pretty lazy...plenty of wandering around Shamian Island and shopping (The hubinator is doing a fabulous job with this whole shopping thing!).  There are plenty of opportunities for pictures on the Island...and there was one particular statue set that I desperately wanted pics of the children they are!

Sorry for the fogginess...can we say HUMID!

 And my FAVE!

Isn't she stinking cute!

Think these lanterns would fit in the carry on?
 A beautiful banner my dearest purchased for the playroom!
 Lovely enameled tea set...we don't do porcelain it draws blood! 
Sunday for the Stateside crew involved church (YAY!) and a lovely totally *last minute* relaxed lunch with church friends.  I didn't realize how lonely I've been until they loved on us some!  I squeaked in a 20 minute catnap and the wee one has been going for about 2.5 hours!  

Yup, I'm jealous!

We're hitting the Zoo up tomorrow to go see these cutie pies!  

We've got a lot more to squeeze in before Daddy comes home but we'll get it done...

Psalm 113:9
He settles the childless woman in her home
    as a happy mother of children.

Praise the Lord.


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