Saturday, September 15, 2012

~*Night Night*~

We have learned a bit about our children in these last few days...Sunshine still doesn't make the wisest choices when under stress but he's far more relaxed than what we thought he'd be!  He is still very lost, though, in how he interacts with them.  His anxiety level is at an all time low for the past 3 weeks, which is something we are praising him for...yet, we are, also, still having to work on attitude toward his older siblings. 

Peanut is the sweetest thing with her siblings!  She truly has gone from being the baby to being a big girl!  Kitty is at a place of transition right now...really wanting to be hands on with her new sibs but needing to be hands off so Mom and Dad meet their needs.  She has Peanut she can spoil, though!  

J.J. is the quiet leader pulling out books and puzzles but staying hands off with meeting their needs.  He silently cleans up messes or repositions bowls underneath mouths overflowing with food.  Truly a servant leader. 

Analina is truly stubborn.  Bless her little heart.  I think its that stubbornness that helped her survive in the orphanage.  She's such a sweetheart but when it comes to doing something she does not want to do it can be like pulling teeth to get her to do it.  She's our whiny whirlwind, at times, and our sassy sweetie other times! 

Dalton is having the slowest transition.  He easily scares and will stick to Baba like glue all day if left alone to do that.  We are slowly moving him toward family activities but letting him set his comfort level and pace.  He responds sweetly if Mama takes over caregiving duties but usually has a small moment of panic at first.   

After Thursday nights bedtime chaos we realized Analina needed some help.  We installed a safety rail to the bed.  We encouraged her to play in the room with big sister to associate good things with this room.  

Bedtime itself went much smoother; albeit still many tears!  Dalton would have tried to break out of the house to avoid bedtime if he could have...not even kidding...this little boy who was falling asleep on the sofa wanted nothing to do with bedtime!  One sip of water and we never heard another peep, though....if only it were always that easy right?  Analina fussed on and off but overall she went to sleep extremely easily!

Its now after 4 a.m. as I type this and after a bathroom run Miss A did not want to go back to sleep but she was exhausted and fighting it.  Took her an hour but she's now asleep!

I'm finishing this now at  9:30 and we actually slept until 6:37...that's pretty late for them!  

Have a blessed Saturday and thank you for every single prayer!  We appreciate them all!  Keep 'em coming!    


  1. oh jolene, I am so thrilled to read your updates. thank you.

  2. The adjustments are tough. The world change for these kids and your family is extreme. For them the grief and uncertainty with the inability to readily communicate is extreme. Combined with what was already on your plate, will definately pray for all to go smoothly and for you to have wisdom in the midst of this.

  3. Hugs, it is so hard but it will get better. Have you tried Melatonin, we used the 1mg from GNC and it helped to take that edge off at bedtime


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