Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~*One More Night*~

I've made a huge pot of split pea soup, 3 pans full of zucchini boats, pumpkin cookies, and soon I'll make a few pans of chicken enchiladas.  All I could catch was a 15 minute catnap but I'm running on adrenaline....and some iced coffee! 

ONE MORE NIGHT and they are home!  

I am SO excited and SO nervous!  

What is there to be nervous about?

I had this part all written out but deleted it...what a downer so I used my fave backspace button!  

Throwing caution to the wind here and planning to just take each challenge as it comes up, lacing each breath with a prayer!  

I can't wait to make-out with my husband in the airport!
Oh, how I miss this face!  

I can't wait to hug my children and bring them home to the waiting crowd of children!

If ya'll don't hear from me until the weekend I am sure you will understand!  Life with 6 is going to be full of differences and challenges and adjustments so bear with me!  

Soon my little ones, soon, you will be HOME!



  1. lol... can't wait to make out with your husband!
    I can't wait to see pictures of everyone all together and hear how the USA kids help the little travelers adapt to the wonderful loving household and parents god has given them!


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