Sunday, September 2, 2012

~*Precious Moments!*~

Devin has our sweet boy with him!

And there were plenty of tears.

From Dalton.

From Analina.

When I skyped* with them this morning Analina was on daddy's lap, her eyes still quite puffy and swollen from all the crying.  

Dalton was wandering around the room clinging to the backpack he came with and the one we sent.  

Over the sweet precious hour I was on with them I watched amazing things happen!  

Analina started talking to me and calling me Mama. 
This is the precious look on Dalton's face when he realized that *I* *WAS* *MAMA*!  

 Oh, sweet boy!

Very slowly Analina got down off Daddy's lap and Dalton felt comfortable enough to hop up.  He gave Devin a kiss on the cheek (I so totally missed the moment and didn't get a screen shot!).  As he sat there he started going over the names he knew...Mommy, Baba, Mei Mei, Gi Gi, etc.  

He points to himself and says his Chinese name...

Then points to me and says Mommy!

 Not sure what the hubinator was laughing at but its a sweet picture!

Dalton got down and they began to interact.  

Daddy sits down with Dalton...

Analina's motherly side comes out! 
How precious is this?

It was such a blessing to see all this unfold.  The hubster said, "Maybe I should have skyped* you sooner!"

As she was getting ready for bed, Analina, was all giggles!
Dalton was extremely unsure of the whole thing...and that's where I leave off...

I imagine that things were rough again as Dalton got ready for bed, too.  Pray for him.  He is grieving hard.  He doesn't understand at all and his dialect is foreign to Analina...they only know a few common words in Mandarin.  

Pray for this sweet boy and my sweet little mama of a girl!  


  1. I'm praying Jolene. What amazing technology that we have that you can see all of this. We sometimes take it forgranted until moments like this. I hope they are sleeping well. It seems the jinjiang kiddos are close to their nannies. I'm guessing that adds to the grieving. I'm not sure how you feel but it gave me some comfort to know they had been loved. We are well aware how different many orphanages are. So glad they are with your guys& will be home soon.

  2. Will pray. How precious these shots are. That's right Shanghai has it's own dialect and it was only Mandarin that was common. I think Lauren had so much time in the hospital throughout her life she'd had to learn to communicate with adults and was able to interact more even when we left her province.
    It's such a change for these little ones, will definately pray for their transitions to go well.

  3. Praying! When do they come home?

  4. They are too precious Jolene. I bet your heart is aching to hold them in your arms. Who did yall use to adopt two at the same time????? Did it just work out that you got two referrals or did you ask for them. I would love to do it all over again.

  5. so fun to see them all together, I know you can't wait to have them home!


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