Monday, October 29, 2012

~*Delightfully Mortifying Acts of Curiousness*~

We headed back to church last night for the first time with all our littles.  Every child is so different, yet we know our family and we know our newest littles...any sooner would have been too soon for going to church. 

We've encountered many families that are back with their new ones the first weekend home...that has not been our journey. Slow and steady is our motto!

The first person to come up to Dalton wanted to shake his hand and he grew very nervous and vigorously shook his head and his hands NO!  She understood and backed away a bit.  Another person touched the back of Analina's neck and she was downright peeved off!  Girlfriend whipped her head around and stuck her nose up in the air and went "Hmmpfff"!  I did request she apologize, because while we understand being nervous, we do not condone rudeness.

We should have been more vocal with our church family about the need to be completely hands off with our children.  Including hand shaking and hugs.  The new ones did receive a hug each as they left and by then were much more comfortable (and they KNEW we were leaving!) and we so appreciate how our church adores our children, so many have had a personal hand in bringing them home!

We truly loved being back at church for even just the evening service.  We have missed being filled up and fellowshiping with others!

So...moral of the story?  

If you see our blessings please be hands off and respect their need for space.  If they do come up to you please understand that they do not yet understand appropriate boundaries and may "pet" your arm, lift your shirt or skirt, or some other delightfully mortifying act of curiousness!  I will gently correct them....and work with them at home to stop petting the cashier's arm at Sams Club, lifting strangers garments, etc...

Sooo glad that ya'll understand!  The poor animal control lady who was over the other day (for a neighbors loose dog) was a bit shocked at being petted by one of my little ones....she's use to do the petting!  

Still working on their fear level...oh how far they've come!

Psalm 91:5
You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day 

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  1. My daughter likes to touch everyone's behind lol. She does it to get her balance usually. We're working on it.


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