Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~*Big D*~


You hear that?  

That, my bloggy friends, was me, taking a breath. 

I hadn't realized it but I was holding my breath!

Ahhhhh...big sigh...big breath...

My, oh my, you've come so far my sweet, sweet son!  We are just now starting to get a peek at who you really are!

Finding flowers for Mommy!

Here's a pretty flower for you Momma! 
You were downright terrified when you first came here.  
You lacked self-confidence.
You were so unsure of everyone and everything.
You drew all your comfort from Daddy....not even Grandpa could keep you from being scared and trying to head for the hills when we were having baby Donovan!  

Look how far you've come!

You absolutely love when I give you random hugs and kisses and tickle you!  You love holding the door for me and you know it makes me happy to see you clean things up!

You are speaking more and more English and it is so cute to hear your husky little voice dictate everything we say!  

Your anxieties are lessening and your becoming more confident in familiar environments.  It is such a delicate balance, though, because around others you are so nervous. 
Watching Daddy and the bigger's use power tools!

A little nervous with all the noise!

We are so proud of you, Big D!

Much love,


  1. I think he is wonderful I love that litter guy.


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