Saturday, October 13, 2012

~*Color Me Confused*~

There are words once used by our elders that are no longer relevant in today's society; words that are simply outdated and need to be put to bed.  One of those is the reference of "colored" for African heritage individuals.

We live in small town America...Michigan refers to itself as the Midwest (although no one else seems to refer to it as such)...our little town is pleasant and we enjoy living here.  It is predominately Caucasian and we love bringing some diversity to the sea of peach we are surrounded by.

That being said there was an interesting exchange between the cashier and myself (Why is it *always* a cashier this type of exchange happens with?). She was commenting on the food we were buying and remembered the food I bought a month ago before little D. was born...she didn't particularly like our choices, apparently, because it did involve a bit of junk...(we added 3 children at once I will  not apologize for the fruit snacks and canned soup on the conveyor belt!)...but the main reason she remembered me?  Because I was in the store with "them colored kids".

As almost all adoptive parents will tell you, we normally interject a bit of education toward the person making the uneducated comments, yet, this time I just didn't have the time available.  Said cashier made a few more comments, including a few regarding our family size (only 4 out of 7 were with us at the time).  

"Them colored kids"

The mama-bear in me gets all grumbly and the hackles go up.  Just like that.  

I wasn't offended in that sense.  Actually, I felt bad she wasn't more comfortable with our diversity...At first, I thought she was trying to come up with something polite but as she talked more and more I realized she truly wasn't trying to be nice or kind.  

The term "colored" truly is outdated and needs to be put to bed.  Its old, its uneducated, and "them colored kids" are my babies!  

I don't care if they grew in my womb and played soccer with my bladder, grew up in a Detroit suburb in a house where withholding food was used as punishment, or an orphanage in China that had no heat in the winter (none of them do).  They are all my babies!  

I'm confused as to why they can't just be called children...who cares what spectrum of the rainbow their skin tone favors!

As a sweet friend pointed out "red, yellow, black and white; they are precious in His sight"!         

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  1. Amen!!!! I agree with you 100%!! Its sad that people are still so ingorant. I do have hope that things will get better. Love your babies because God intended for you to have them!


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