Sunday, October 7, 2012

~*First Family Outing*~

With six children to get through our one bathroom morning and night, for teeth and restroom stops, things were getting pretty wild and chaotic. 

I set new expectations for the children and gave them a goal to reach.  The treat for reaching that goal was a visit to Michigan's best ice cream parlor, Moo-Ville Creamery.  

We decided to include our favorite local apple orchard in on the deal for our fave Jonagold apples, donuts and cider.  Due to the crazy Michigan weather we had this last Spring and Summer there we were unable to pick the apples ourselves.  While we were sad to hear this and what it meant for our local orchard I think it was for the best for our larger than average family.  The night was fun but overwhelming for our Analina.  

In this crazy small world we discovered that the owners wife is Aunt, not *our* Aunt Bev. but the sweet Aunt of a family friend!  They delighted our family by buying the cider and donuts for us!  What a wonderful blessing!

Being the horrible tourist we always are we brought the camera and never got off a shot!  With seven children its hard to do that sometimes!  (With two of them always darting off without a care in the world!)  

Thanks, Aunt Bev, for the pictures and the cider and donuts!  We will be back, as always, many more times! 

Bathroom break! We're missing a few faces!

Missing just Dad!

There's everybody! Thanks Aunt Bev!


  1. I love apple picking and fall! I love your new backdrop! What a wonderful family outting!

  2. Just photo shop the baby in there and you're all set!


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