Saturday, October 6, 2012

~*How's it Going Really?*~

Lets just say that things have been intense!
In many good ways and in a few challenging ways.

Our little princess, Peanut, is definitely a royal pain...joking, of course, however, all the "two year old" stuff that is typical she is finally just now getting around to doing....Oh, yes, the hitting has commenced, along with biting, pinching, shoving, yelling "NO", etc.  There are many sweet moments, though!  She surprises us, at times, with her amazing love for others (before she hits!).  She is, also, the only reason we ever get up before 7 a.m. She is in the middle of potty training and what a sweet little one she is! She was so ready and I am glad we waited!

Trying to do bunny ears...CUTE!

Holding baby Dono for the first time! (Ignore my older sons dirty legs! Sheesh, take a bath kid!)

Kiss the baby!

Sleepy little girl!
Donovan is doing fantastic despite some wicked reflux, gas, and the dreaded projectile vomiting.  His symptoms are not as severe as Peanuts were but he is in incredible pain, at times, and we need to know what is causing is discomfort! He actually slept for 7 hours straight the other night; while Peanut was up every 2!  At least Donovan was kind enough to sleep well!  Overall, he's the sweetest little guy who has some wicked tummy pain!

Sunshine varies between being a leader (a very bossy one, at times) and playing the victim for gentle correction (for being a bit too bossy).  When he is full of confidence he's such a huge helper and friend to these new little ones and when he's struggling and "stuck" in his behavior he isn't the most pleasant.  Praise God the good has far outweighed the bad moments!

Analina is full tilt all the way!  She hobbles (girlfriend can't run) and laughs with full abandon outside and LOUDLY bosses everyone who might possibly be in her way.  She truly expects everyone to stop everything for her!  Also, she is way too open with strangers and that, my friends, is scary stuff! She knows no boundaries and needs to learn them.

On the upside, Analina, is firmly attached to Mama and cries whenever I leave (which has happened only twice since I don't get out much).  She is very loving with us and is working on learning her place in the family...and its not as the leader of pack...sorry sweetie!

Dalton is very slowly opening up.  He is taking a bit longer time to attach and, honestly, that tells me that his caregivers set the bar pretty high to get into his little heart.  My sweet boy is coming out of his shell more and more with Mama and learning to be himself.  Silly, sweet, and so super smart! (Alliteration fans eat your heart out!)  

The more English he speaks in a day the more comfortable he feels....if he is using little to no English then we know he's having a rough day.  One of his most anxious times of the day (x3) is meal time.  He is always very anxious about mealtime...I can't tell you why, yet, because it could be many reasons but it makes sense to us.

Kitty and J.J. have had a few days of resentment toward all these new ones...once the honeymoon period was over we noticed the attitude creeping into their hearts.  I understand it completely and after a good heart-to-heart-to-heart they realized what they had been doing and things are going so much smoother!

This c/section is finally healing up on the outside (incision), yet, if I bump it a tiny bit (like while attempting to wash dishes) I hurt so badly!  So, while I hit the ground running for the first 10 days I am now slowing down.  I should be right?  Hard to do when you've got 7 sweeties and you just want to run and play! This is one of my favorite times of year, too!  

How could I leave my main man out?
Three weeks apart is way too much and I never want to do that again!  We work so much better together and we are completely loving having this big family!  What an amazing gift we have been given!

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.     


  1. I am so happy you all are coming together as a family! God bless!

  2. :D know the big guy upstairs is most certainly smiling down upon your household!


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