Thursday, November 1, 2012

~*30 Days of Giving Thanks*~

I am a mama bear to 7 blessings.
I understand what it is to be without them and to have a quiet house.  
I am in a busy season of life...busy simply being a mother.

Instead of blogging everyday for 30 days (since I just don't have time ya'll) I will do my 30 things on one post!
  • The Lord God
  • Forgiveness for my many sins, eternal life, and grace!
  • This man!
  • My family! (You know who you are!!)
  • Kitty
  • J.J.
  • Sunshine
  • Joy-boy
  • Princess
  • Peanut 
  • Dono
  • Freedom
  • Yummy food to eat!
  • A livingroom messy with toys!
  •  A sticky dining room table!
  • Christian radio (love me some tunes!)
  • Sylvia
  • The neighbors fence. So our children's balls don't go in their yard often prompting them to "charge" my children to get their balls back! (SCORE!)
  • For sheltering arms around my children.  (Sheltering does NOT equal isolationism. Post on this coming up).
  • Wonderful church family!
  • That the Lord has provided for all our needs, especially with this adoption!
  • Medical care for our blessings from China!
  • Laughter! I have laughed more in the past 48 hours than I have in the last 6 *thats* what was missing from my life!
  • Swaddle blankets! Priceless piece of fabric!
  •  Underwear! Means one less diaper I have to change! (HA! I bet you thought I meant my own unmentionables that I so excitedly mentioned...I'm right aren't I?)
  • Our vacuum...cause I never have to use it! ~wink~ J.J. took over vacuuming many many months ago and I've never had to do it since! (He truly enjoys the Kirby!)
  •  Catching one of my children using their toes to do math! ~smile~ Made me laugh...again!
  • Dark Chocolate...milk chocolate makes me gag but dark chocolate deserves its OWN category!
  • Sweet potatoes and spinach...yes, I like them that much!
  • Walking in the light and being salty...Ya'll follow me?  (Matthew 5:13)
  •  You, my dear reader! I enjoy interacting online with you...yet, being honest here, I would write even if no one read it!  How awfully boring would that be? 

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