Thursday, November 1, 2012

~*Feet, Feet, Beautiful Feet*~

Our sweet princess gal, Analina, has a clubfoot.  It was partially corrected in China, yet, they did not fully correct the deformity leaving behind a limb that only partially works.  

Analina's first appointment for her foot shed much light on what has been done, what wasn't done, and what needs to be done and, even, redone.
Terrible picture but cute girl vacuuming!

What's been done?

They released her Achilles tendon and they released a tendon in her foot.  She would have been an excellent candidate for the Ponsetti method of serial casting the foot to achieve correct foot position.  However, because they did not do this and considering her age she is not a candidate for this procedure.  

What wasn't fixed?
Also, because they did not correct her foot fully it rolls in and she splays it out almost like a tripodHer big toe developed a separate deformity because they allowed her to continue to hobble around like this. We are unsure if that is fixable.

What needs to be done and redone?

She needs to have her Achilles tendon rereleased.  It is incredibly tight and is pulling her foot out of alignment.  Until then we will get an off the shelf AFO (ankle foot orthotic).  Also, her right leg is shorter so she will need a lift and we need to find out if her right hip is involved, as well. 

Her right leg will always be incredibly weak with little chance of her regaining what she has lost.  We will see if therapy is even an option for her.
Kitty took this one...

I am not comfortable with showing off her foot just yet...eventually we will share this part of her journey but for now we'll keep that off the web.

In researching her very limited medical records I discovered a reference to a TCS in the list of procedures done in June of 2010.  It was a very important piece to her medical history puzzle....what is TCS? Tethered Cord. My sweet little Princess has had Tethered Cord once, already.  
Great picture of 5 of our 7 blessings!

      Psalm 30:2
Lord my God, I called to you for help,
    and you healed me. 


  1. I hope surgery helps her! She's such a sweetheart!

  2. She is beautiful. And she has a very loving family.


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