Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~*Dental Nightmare*~

I took the wee ones to their first dental appointments and it went exactly as I expected. 

Dalton was Monday and he did awesome! He was a rockstar and had no problems listening and was not scared at all!  He had perfect little teeth with no problems!  Great job, Buddy!
Fun with Nutella!

Analina went with me last week for my own appointment to get use to the place and meet the ladies beforehand.  I knew this would be incredibly difficult for her and it was.  

I had three concerns.  One is a grey tooth on the bottom row and a brown/yellow tooth on top.  But my biggest concern was her anxiety level.  I knew this was going to be hard...

The grey tooth is dead and the result of some sort of trauma; most likely from her falling.   We will let it come out on its own unless it becomes infected.

The brown/yellow tooth was the likely result of an infection while she was a baby and the tooth was still developing.  The Dentist and the Hygienist both surmised it was likely an ear infection but the surprising thing is that they both felt it was from the MEDICATION used to treat the infection!  This is HUGE because a little girl at Analina's orphanage had such a horrible ear infection it perforated her brain and she had NOT been treated with antibiotics until it was so bad she was admitted to the hospital shortly before her parents came to get her.

Her bread accidentally fell onto her face..she's never this messy of an eater!

Analina's anxiety level for this visit was extremely high and I had to stop the attempt to get x-rays because she was near hysterical!  She was shaking and sweating and crying for the exam and cleaning.  It was heartbreaking but she was so sweet about it! I just adore her!  

When we got home for the next hour she just sat on the steps in shock and had silent tears.  She asked every few minutes when Daddy was coming home.  She needed everyone who loves her right there by her side. 

The bright side? This was the most real we've seen her since she came home.  Stripped of all pretense its been so awesome to see the REAL her!

Wonderful job Ana-banana!  

Being my silly girl!


  1. So sad, but so wonderful to see the comfort they have in their family!

  2. it almost makes you wonder what "they" did to her back in China.. I've heard horror stories from adoptive parents regarding children they've adopted from there. Praying dear friend.. :D We know the Lord works miracles...

  3. Oh hugs sweet girl, BUT I also am thrilled that she cried. FeiFei is so stoic when she has a medical exam and we rejoiced the first time she actually cried when she got a shot. Now I wouldn't want her to be hysterical like your baby and I am so sorry. They are jsut the cutest and although youa re deep in the trenches I can't believe the relaxed radiant beam coming form them!


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