Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dalton has been moody for the last week, defiant, talking back, not obeying/listening, etc...we've remained consistent and firm with him and today that was rewarded with a snuggle on the couch.  
Dalton is my joy-boy and we see this smile often!
 Only one other time in the last 3 months has he crawled up beside me on the couch and this was the first time he laid his head on my shoulder!  

Then he started remembering...a little boy punched him in the face, pulled his hair, bad things....another little boy pushed him down and stepped on or kicked him...bad things....

He desperately wanted to put a face to the names he was repeating to me. I pulled up the many pictures we have of his time in China and he easily pointed out the two culprits.  But slowly the good memories came forward, he laughed at his friends faces, smiled and affectionately told me their names, some boys he clearly did NOT care for and others he seems to long for. 

Then came the sweetest request ever!  He wanted to see the pictures from his birthday last year!  No problem little man!  

He, also, requested the video which I am sharing the link to for you to view by clicking here!

He's mourning, he's longing, he's remembering!
He loved carving pumpkins in October...

He liked being elbow deep in gourd guts the best!

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