Sunday, December 9, 2012

~*The Other Side of Adoption*~

Being honest with ya'll: I do not need judgements. It is incredibly easy to sit on your side of the web and judge a situation you are not fully versed on.  

Bad things happen to great children. That is what happened to our Sunshine. We have spent the last 3.5 yrs helping him move on and grow to be independent and emotionally healthy.  To the point that we have family that feels we shelter him too much already!

We are grateful we are able to homeschool this little guy.  I do believe we would have seen violence much sooner had he been integrated into a regular classroom.  His normal temper tantrums about school work would not be understood or tolerated by a public school teacher.  

I will try to be open with others on his struggles without too much detail, however, I do believe that far too many adoptive families are too quiet on the struggles for fear of judgements or of deterring others from adoption.

It happens...
Children are hurt and they continue the cycle and hurt others.  Now we pray for healing and change.  We don't know what we're up against until he's officially evaluated.  We'll update as things progress and try to live our lives.  However, things are definitely not "normal" right now around here. 

Pray, don't judge.

That being said...He's had several REALLY great days. After 3 weeks of the hardest behavior he's shown yet, I am so glad to have a breather before the hard stuff comes back up again...we've got two more triggers coming up that could be very difficult for him to handle.  Christmas followed by Dalton's birthday.

Keep praying for our little man! 



  1. prayers continue, friend! adoption is a beautiful way to add to families, but it's most definitely also a call to ministry. and ministry is HARD, b/c people are messy. we're all messy, lest someone forget that and decide to tell you what you *ought to* do. ;)

  2. He is so blessed to have you as a mother! You'll be in our prayers!

  3. Jolene praying that the good out ways the bad and that you will get longer and longer stretches to where the behavior evens out! Praying for you a lot! Jen

  4. Thank you for willing to be real. We are praying over our own adoption and I need the thorns AND roses. We will keep praying for your Sunshine. Praying for answers and the right people to be placed in your path to bless him and the family.


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