Saturday, March 24, 2012

~*And The Hackles Went Up*~

As a larger sized family (and still growing) we, occasionally, come across ignorant folks that say unkind things or make sudden assumptions about our family.  

Most often, though, we are blessed to meet kindness and graciousness so when I do come face-to-face with ignorance my Mama-bear hackles go up!  

We recently went to one of our fave Spring family activities held at a place we are members of.  We find it makes more sense, financially, to purchase the family pass each year.  

The Volunteer simply looks at our card and reads that it says "One Child" on it and wouldn't proceed with the transaction.  I explained to her they do not issue a new card each time we add to the family but the computer system is correct; as we try to come frequently.  

She looks it up and does read that we, indeed, have 4 children listed on the computer system.  However, she adamantly insists that we have a FAMILY pass.  With my Mama-bear hackles ALL the up at this point I tell her, "YES, we *ARE* family".  I nearly spouted that they were my children no matter the color the of their skin.  But, I tried to remain the face of ignorance.

It was so very difficult to hold my tongue at that moment.  These are my children, regardless of race.  
These are my children, regardless of appearances.
Don't mess with a Mama-bear and never, ever assume that a multiracial family is NOT a family.

I think my biggest frustration was her assumption that just because it said "4 children" on the system it couldn't possibly include the two African American children standing before her. 

We did go on to enjoy our time and upon reflecting on this Volunteer's attitude I am still happy to say we don't come across it often.

Have you come across something similar?
Would you have handled it differently?  


Friday, March 16, 2012

~*Being Real*~

I have to be real with ya'll. 
I have struggled more with this adoption than I ever thought I would.  One minute I have hope and the next panic sets up in my soul.  I walk in the Word one minute and walk in silence the next.

One of my favorite bloggers, Angie, over at The Cellar Door Stories, has also been struggling with the wait for their adoption, too.  If ya'll are not savvy on the UPS and DOWNS of Ethiopian adoption I will give a quickie lesson.  Ethiopia wanted to protect their children available for adoption from fraud so they have made some changes.  However, in order, to protect these blessings this means a MUCH longer wait for these precious jewels to be placed in families. 

In this lovely post, where Angie gets real with us all, Angie shares the link for a sermon that touched my very soul.  If you have 25 minutes to listen and want to walk away from the computer feeling completely fulfilled then please stop now and go and listen to James' message.  

I have some processing to do of this message and I promise to be back to regular posts in a bit.  

I hope ya'll don't mind me being real and saying the following.

This adoption is hard.
The wait is harder.
But the peace of the Lord overcomes any doubt and fear!