Monday, April 30, 2012

~*Its My Birthday and I'll Santize if I Want To*~

Over the weekend we went to Chicago to enjoy one last family trip before our blessings come home from China.  While we definitely had a good time the weekend was plagued with germs, germs and more germs.

Today is my birthday and I'm sucking down a lot of Vitamin C trying to minimize the flu symptoms that are now going through my family.  Although, I am not currently sick...the rest of them are! 

I've got one child a bit grumpy because the weekends fun is over.
I have two more feeling the upper respiratory affects of the flu.
I have another just now feeling better after spending her Chicago time christening the floor of every building she entered.  

Happy Birthday, indeed!

Last month I told my sweet husband that I didn't want anything for my birthday nor did I want to do anything to celebrate.  I feel that the best gifts ever are waiting for me in China!  Truly, it just doesn't feel right to celebrate without them.  

Little did I know that I would get my wish! Everyone is too sick to do anything anyway! 

If ya'll could please pray for health and healing that would be fantastic! 

~*Taking Care of Mom May Challenge*~

~*Happy Birthday*~ to me!

I did it!  
I managed to walk/run 50 miles in the month of April!

My children even found they enjoyed walks up to 5 miles long! 

How did you do?  
Did you make it 50 miles?  

So, what is next for the month of May?  

The Joggermom Marathon, that's what! 

26.2 miles in the month of May

Therein lies the challenge for me.  
I can't run a mile! It is my goal for May to do that by the end of the month.

Will you join us for the Joggermom Marathon in May?


Monday, April 23, 2012

~*China Prep Series- Intro*~

In my realization that at some point the Lord will work out the details and we'll be on our way to China it dawned on me that I need a plan in place!  

What will my 4 children eat while we are exploring the lands of China?
What do I need to pack?
What preparations do I need to have in place for the person caring for our children while we are gone?

I am scouring the web for other adoptive parent’s tips, menus, packing lists, etc to help me come up with my ultimate plan.  

In a series of posts I will be sharing what I find on my search and compile my own lists for what works best for our family.

First up in the China Prep series I tackle what to feed my children while we both are away.  Nana is caring for the children for 3 weeks and because my youngest (Peanut) has multiple food allergies it is easiest for Nana if I fill the freezer and stock the pantry with items that are allergen free.  The least amount of shopping Nana has to do the better!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

~*Taking Care of Mom*~

The latest count of miles for the "Taking Care of Mom" series was 8 miles for last week (13 for the week before.)  Thus far, I am at 5 miles for this week with several more days left to get my mileage in.

We're planning a quickie trip to Chi-town which will help add to my miles.   

I am closing in fast on that 50 mile for April challenge.  

How are you doing?  
How many miles have you done so far?

Do you run? Walk? Ride a bike?


Any suggestions for a May challenge? 


~*Fundraiser Round-Up*~

As of right now we are not undertaking any new fundraisers.  We are simply going to finish out several that have been started.  This post is the round-up of all the various fundraisers going on for us.

I have 90 bracelets left and would LOVE to get them onto 90 different wrists!  We have 3 styles with more colors than I can even list!
Bracelets are $3 each!

This literally was not even intended to be a traditional "fundraiser"; hence the term FUN-raiser!  I cleaned up my fabric stash and had a load of stuff to find homes for!  

The fat quarters are now one lot of 24!
You can see each fat quarter in detail at THIS link.  
Make an offer...please!

Only two fabric panels left! 
Barnyard Friends: Miss Woolie lamb doll
Donna Dewberry: 10 Garden Friends soft book.
$5 each 

Camera Strap Covers- $3  (Camera *not* included! ~wink!~)


We are still putting this puzzle together with the intent to frame it.  

For each piece you sponsor we write your name on the back of the pieces.  When our little ones are home we can flip the puzzle over and know just who to thank! 
Sponsor a puzzle piece; $5

**Magnets and Brooches**
Here is the link to the State magnets.  
There are many states left to pick from.  It was a vintage puzzle that was incredibly unique and they make a really neat magnet.  

The letters below are also available as either a magnet or with a brooch back!
D, F, G, H, I, K, N, O, P, Q (says in Cutie), R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z are all available!  
Magnet or brooch $3

**Nana's Love Gift**
 Nana Reed has volunteered to watch our 4 blessings while we spend 3 weeks in China bringing home blessings #5 and 6!  Unfortunately, she will have to take unpaid time off.  We are working our way toward replacing the missed income so my parents will not be left in a financial bind.  We are 25% toward reaching that goal.  If you feel led to donate you can click on the "Chip-In" link to the right.  

Thank you, Mom, for loving my children nearly as much as I do!

**Love Gift**

We have been blessed with completely random and anonymous donations throughout this entire process!  For those who have given out of the depths of their hearts we are eternally grateful to you!  

 That's the round up! 
Thank you, so much to those who have helped financially to help bring these precious jewels home!  

Analina in red!

Dalton building!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~*Praise HIS HOLY NAME*~

Praise be to our Lord and King!  

We have LOA for Dalton!!!!!!

We are coming, my baby boy! 

The Lord has NOT forgotten you, sweet one!
Lord, we pray that you will continue to encourage this sweet child so that he will not lose hope!  

Please please please continue to pray for Analina's paperwork to moved through quickly! That we will receive LOA for her, as well!


~*Prayer Request*~

I would like to ask for prayer today, Tuesday, the 17th.  We are storming the throne of grace in heaven to request that our paperwork be worked through the system quickly.  Will you please pray along with us that our paperwork (for both of these children) be expedited. That we have peace during our wait and that all the details will come together!

Please consider kneeling in prayer over this adoption!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~*Taking Care of Mom Tuesday*~

Last week I accomplished 13 miles!

Most of this was walking in the great outdoors and very little was on the treadmill actually running.  I plan to remedy that soon!  

How are you doing at working towards the 50 mile goal for April?

Monday, April 9, 2012

~*Happy Birthday and Resurrection Sunday*~

Ten years ago, this day, I was blessed to see this little face enter the world!  

Oh, my, how she's grown and changed!  

She is my littlest friend, my firstborn blessing and turning into an amazing young lady.

We are so blessed by her!  
I love you, sweetie!  
Happy 10th Birthday!

(Her birthday was on April 8th and I was so busy with family and celebrating my child and our Risen Lord, I did not have time to post this!) 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~*Taking Care of Mom Thursday*~

Yes, I'm late...its suppose to happen on Tuesdays but honestly, I just didn't feel chatty on today is my update!

I missed updating last week...but I did manage to get in a good 6 miles between the treadmill and walking.  So far, this week, I am at 8 miles and planning 4 good ones for tomorrow!  

I decided to do a fitness challenge for the month of April.
*source*  Doesn't this guy look like Tim Allen?

I am planning to get 50 miles done...between walking and running outside and on the treadmill. 

Ya'll with me?  
Feeling up to a small fitness challenge?
Its so much funner with friends!

Yes, that means ~YOU~!