Wednesday, May 30, 2012

~*Why So Many Needs?*~

We've had an interesting question come up recently.

Why would we purposely adopt children with such significant special needs?  

The easy answer is "why not?".  

Would we reject a child born to us with special needs?
Then, why, would we reject a child or children with special needs?

The thing with adoption is that you are able to pick and choose the special needs your comfortable with.  Honestly, I have a hard time thinking about parenting certain special needs...not because they scare me simply because the level of care needed, for certain ones, is higher than what we are able to offer at this point in time.  We are not set up for medically fragile or non-ambulatory at this time, yet, that may change in the future.

The thing with birth children is that we do not get the choice in which special needs we parent.  My first birth child was born with no Thyroid*.  So easy to treat, yet, before the common practice of newborn screening to detect this treatable disorder, 80% of all mental disability at birth was attributed to Thyroid* disorders.  My 2nd birth child was born with severe food allergies, not exactly on the special needs spectrum, yet, something that needs daily accommodation likely for the rest of her life.

Where is the largest need in the adoption world?
Is it with the healthy, non-special needs, "normal" children?


It is with the children who have been broken, abused, forgotten, left behind, cast aside.  Jesus called them "The least of these". 

We go where the need is.
Love is not confined to health, wealth, borders or boundaries. I cannot imagine looking at this face and saying "I'm sorry but your needs are too great.  You will have to wait longer because I, too, do not want you."

I know that not every family has been called to adoption, however, the urge to provide for the least of these should not be contained to just those who bring them into their homes to care for and love.  

The burden is placed squarely on the shoulders of all of us.  We are all expected to care for them.  

We were not told to pick and choose who we give care and affection to.  We have not been directed to pick which special needs deserve the blessing of a home and family.

They *all* are worth it.  Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment, etc.  Their special "need" is much simpler than a diagnosis...the need is love and we can all offer that!    

Friday, May 25, 2012


Its been quite the year thus far for our family.  

Sunshine held off his major disregulated behaviors until Mid-January and as difficult as the beginning of 2012 was we were thrilled the behaviors didn't start in November as per tradition.  He just recently finished up his regular Nov-May behaviors that are always triggered by birthdays and holidays; with the finale being J.J.'s birthday mid-May.

J.J. surprised us this year by being triggered by his own birthday.  Its difficult for the typical person to understand how birthday's are triggers for children from difficult places.  Yet, they are.  This time of festivity and love where we celebrate the birth of said person harbors extreme anxiety for our children with challenges.  In the end it was fears of abandonment and being forgotten that caused momentary panic. 
Another surprise was the DAY of J.J.'s birthday.  All 4 children were downright crazy.  All of them were so crazy out-of-sorts that I simply laughed and thanked the Lord they all got their attitudes out at once...on one day...instead of each taking their own day to be attitudy.  Isn't that every mothers wish?  For them all to just get the grumpy's out together at once!

We had our 6 month follow-up for Sunshine's VPD (Visual Processing Disorder).  This was the longest we've gone between appointments and honestly the news wasn't great.  His left eye is struggling so much its ready to shut down again rendering him blind in that eye.  It hurts this mothers heart to know that he will continue to struggle in another area while trying to mature and keep his emotions regulated.  

Adversity is good, though, isn't it?  It builds character.  It sculpts us into who we will become.  I know this will make him stronger.  I know this will teach him perseverance.

We've had some adoption related frustration and I'll leave that for another post...hopefully one a little perkier.

For now...just pray if you, please.  For all the loose ends of this adoption to be fixed and that we can have some clear sailing for once.  

Adversity...smersity...I call him Murphy and I don't like him!    

Monday, May 14, 2012

~*After Mother's Day Thoughts*~

I let Mother's Day drift by without much sentimentality this year.  I was simply enjoying my own treasures here at home and feeling a tiny bit empty without our two China* gems.

Until this morning, that is, that I read the 22nd blogger writing about Mother's Day...but there is something different in Linny's post.  

Its less about self (yes, I've seen some very selfish Mother's Day posts floating around out there this year), less about the "Mothers" who inspired each blogger, Linny puts the focus SOLELY on the Lord!

Finally, the sentiment hit really close to home.  I have not been quiet about my fertility issues...which turned out to NOT be fertility issues.  

Having gone from 1 child in 2010 to 6 in 2012 I can absolutely relate to her hearts desire and the Lord fulfilling His promise to fill her home and her the BRIM!

Thank you, Linny, for the post. For making even Mother's Day about the "Father" who made it possible!    

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~*China Prep Series-Part 1: Feeding The Family*~

Part 1: Feeding The Family

The plan, thus far, is for the handsome husband and I to fly over to China to bring our two blessings home.  While we're away for nearly 3 weeks, Nana will be caring for our children.  

I compiled a large list of freezer friendly meals and began cooking/baking and freezing a few weeks back. We were even blessed with our beloved music teacher (waving at Miss Faith) sending me home one day with enough white chicken chili and lentil soup to feed several armies!  
Here is my current list of freezer items.  

White Chicken Chili 
Lentil Soup
Twice Baked Potatoes
Sloppy Jolene's (as my children call them!)

I still need to make/bake/cook the following.

Apple French Toast 
Won-ton lasagna
Taco Filling
Hot Dogs
Baked Ziti
Sausage/Rice Casserole 

For the pantry:
Waffle Mix (homemade)
Pancake Mix (homemade)

These guys/gals can eat like truckers, I tell ya!

Monday, May 7, 2012

~*Lowest of Lows; Highest of Highs*~

After taking a nap on the sofa (you know your jealous), my son, runs out to get the mail.  I notice the fat envelope on top of the pile and attack it with all my renewed energy (why, thank you, nap!) as I noticed it had the word "Hague" in the return address.  

WAM! Lowest of lows:
Analina's paperwork rejected...the check was $10 short! Seriously?  I can firmly blame this on the OTHER half of me, as HE was the one to run that errand!  

Muttering under my breath at the injustice of this, I open an nondescript envelope with no return address.  

BAM!  Highest of highs:
Dalton's I800* approval!  
Seriously, the stark contrast had me laughing...definitely not because I found it amusing, more out of nervousness as I seriously feared how long Analina's would take now due to this $10 mishap!

So, will ya'll PLEASE pray for her paperwork to be accepted quickly!?!  We truly are astounded that Dalton's was approved so quickly!  I'll be visiting Fedex tomorrow to get this puppy shipped there as fast as they can fly it...twill arrive by Wed. at 10 am!  

Rejoicing over the *FINAL* approval for Dalton!  We're coming for you SOON baby!  Praying now over Analina's that we will see that approval even quicker!