Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~*Battered and Deep Fried*~

Battered and deep fried...

Its not a fish fry...I'm talking about moi!

That's about how I feel, too, pretty bruised and battered.

My oral surgeon had to redo the bone graft he did 13 months ago.  Last time was far more painful, yet, the swelling this time is pretty obnoxious!

I wrote about my first surgery here (click here)!
So, more bovine body parts in my mouth and we're praying it works wonderfully this time.  I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my big fat cheek but grateful for less pain than last time! 

(Just don't touch it or you'll lose your arm!)

  Here's a pic just to scare the daylights outta you! 

That grey/blue spot by my zit (darn hormones) is the lovely bruise forming.


Actually the swelling had gone down A WHOLE LOT at this point!

I'll leave you with a few pics of Peanut being her silly self in between bouts of fever last week.


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