Friday, January 11, 2013

~*What A Night!*~

Its been rough around here, health wise, for the past few weeks and months.  Donosaur had bronchitis (bronchiolitis) and an ear infection and after 2 injections of rocephin we thought he would be on the mend....

However, he slowed his eating on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday had altogether stopped eating.  He's already at the bottom of the weight chart for his age (although still gaining slowly on his own little curve) and being so young I didn't want to risk his health.  He was, also, in immense pain in his abdomen. 

I took him Thursday to Urgent Care and they felt he could possibly have C. Diff. and wanted him to be seen at the Children's Hospital.  We were able to bypass triage and go right to a room.  

The E.R. Doctor refused to do a stool sample to check for this...and while he did agree his tummy was clearly hurting him, the Doctor was adamant about checking for fractures or breaks.  Why?  My only guess is that its because my face is still swollen and horribly bruised from my oral/facial surgery on Monday and I believe he jumped to conclusions.  Ya'll should see the other guy! ~wink~ 

Moving on....he wanted an ultrasound and x-ray.  The ultrasound was negative for an intussusception (Praise God) and the ER Doc told me that if the x-ray was normal then they would need to pursue trauma testing for fractures and breaks....I was praying but had peace.  

Mommy's intuition worked again! The x-ray showed some concerns!  When you look at an x-ray of the abdomen you expect to see swirly intestines with pockets of gas.  With Donovan they only saw gas pocketed in one area on his right side and they couldn't make out his large intestine.  
The surgeon's concern was that his anatomy might be different than "normal"....The ER Doc came back and told me that the abdomen was the only thing they were pursuing at that point. (Told ya so! Wink)  

A CT scan was ordered along with i.v. but after 4 attempts with no successful i.v. insertion I called it off. The surgeon suggested doing an Upper G.I. series since that would not need an i.v. to be placed.   

The 2nd concern was his refusal to eat and finally after 36 hours he had a good feeding.  The decision was made to admit him overnight to make sure he was eating/peeing and find out the answer to the mystery of the x-ray.

We didn't get up to the room until 4 a.m. and by that point I was practically falling asleep in the chair in the ER holding the little man...we got a wee bit of shut-eye before the day started up at 7 a.m. (Why on earth does the Pharmacy come up at 5 a.m. to ask me a question? Dark room = sleeping people!)  

The Upper G.I. was clear. Donosaur's intestines are exactly how they should be anatomically.  

Suffice to say: We don't know!

The surgeon believes his bowel twisted and was able to correct itself.  Also, she believes that he has incredibly sensitive bowels.  He has us all confused as to if he has food allergies or not because he clearly reacts to things in my diet but tests negative to them.  His reactions are more than simply an intolerance.

The Ped's believe it was just a virus.  
Nothing about what was found or questioned sounds viral to me.  I stand with the Surgeon and firmly agree that the bowel is sensitive and likely turned or twisted funny causing his extreme pain and the strange x-ray.  

So, we are home now and praying this never happens again but if it does we know the signs now and can act quicker.

We covet your prayers for health right now.  We haven't been hit this hard with illness in 2 yrs.  Peanut is feverish, again, and will accompany me to the Doctor tomorrow for Donovan followup.  She'll likely be put on antibiotics for this horrible Upper Respiratory Infection. 

So, please pray for rest for our house (Mom and Dad are exhausted!), health, and peace!  We have some anxious little ones due to all the changes. 


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  1. Oh hugs- how hard! It took us 9 horrible months to find out our daughter was allergic to the milk I was drinking - I had cut out everything else but it didn't help. Yep, milk duh LOL!


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