Friday, February 22, 2013

~*Large Family Travel; What Works For Us*~

We recently went on our first family vacation with 7 children. Originally, I had planned to bring or buy food and cook, prepare a menu, the end we realized that we needed to just suck up the extra cost and not worry about menu's, grocery lists and cooking.  We just didn't need the additional stress. 

Meals- Brought or bought plenty of snacks and breakfast items. Simple breakfasts of pastries and fruit. We ate out for one meal a day and had sandwiches the rest of the time. This worked out well but it does get expensive if you choose a sit-down restaurant like we tend to do. Our children brushed up on their manners and that was beneficial and we ate some GOOD food!

A few favorite eats of this trip-
The Hilltop in L'anse
The Hut Inn in Calumet
The Rice Paddy in Marquette (Aoy is awesome!)
  Packing- Its easy to pack too much when its just two adults and a few children, imagine how crazy it can get with *7* children! We kept it simple by packing just 3 outfits (plus the outfit they were wearing) and washed once while gone. We used ziplock baggies with air squeezed out for the little ones things. Worked out great! 
Entertainment- Our trip was an 8 hour drive (details in the next blog post) and they watched one movie going and one coming back. We listened to hour after hour of a book on MP3. This was totally the way to go, our children had to be quiet and we all enjoyed listening to it!

Next post will be about our trip and a few pictures...Have a great weekend! 


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