Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~*This, That, and The Other Part 2: Analina's Ortho Appt.*~


Ana-banana had her turn at the Doctors office and some much needed time with Mommy.  We had our first visit to the Ortho. and we learned a lot at this visit.

What we learned:
Analina's foot has been corrected about as much it can be.  
The picture above shows how her foot sits nearly flat but splayed to the right.  It goes to the right due to weakness in the muscles that cannot be corrected.  Also, check out the size difference between the legs. This is normal for a clubfoot. The picture is blurry because it is impossible for her to stand with her legs this close together for more than a few seconds. She can't balance and falls over. I snapped about 10 of these and she fell over each time and this was as close to in focus as I could get before she lost her balance.  I will not share a picture of her little foot with the sock off...she can be insecure about it! Suffice to say she does have some deformity to it still and that will be corrected surgically at some point.

There is still a little bit of tweaking that can be done to give her a bit more stability in her heel, however, no major improvements can be done at this point.
Her right leg (w/repaired club foot) is shorter. The bones (tibia/fibula and femur) are also much smaller in length and diameter.  A very rare defect to have all the major bones on one side smaller/thinner, usually, its just one or the other (tibia/fibula or femur) but not both.
The Ortho believes her left side will grow quicker than the right and she will have to have several surgeries in the future to "tweak" the growth plates to keep the left side growing at a slower rate allowing the right side to catch up.

Here's the plan, Stan:

 She will NOT need her tendon re-cut at this point! 
She *WILL* have a modified version of the Ponseti method starting in March!  Two of the best things I could have asked for!
The first cast will be on for one week and the second cast will be on for two weeks and possibly a third casting on.  With the goal to give her heel a slightly better position and to lengthen her achilles tendon.
The bad news is that the weakness in her right leg and foot is permanent and nothing can improve that.  She is unable to do much with that leg or foot and she will always need an SMO or AFO.  It is weakness from her Spina Bifida or some other disorder that affects her right leg. We are not going to dig deeper into what exactly the cause is.  It is what it is and we'll rejoice she's as functional as she is!

We are excited that she will possibly have improvement in stability and know that she will have a very rich and full life...just at a slower pace than the rest of us. Maybe learning to slow down is something we should all learn to do!

On a side note: She is one hyper-vigilant little girl, she gets very little sleep due to this orphanage behavior. I began giving her melatonin last week and after almost a week she is getting more rest and better quality rest, at that. It is showing in her interactions with us during the day.  She is less prone to fits, is far more pleasant during the day, and overall seems more settled. 
Psalm 55:6
I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!
    I would fly away and be at rest—


  1. I'm so glad she is getting better quality rest. A tired child is never a pleasant thing. Her determined attitude will keep her going strong.


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