Thursday, February 7, 2013

~*This, That, and The Other: Part 3 Birthday Blessings*~

The Other:

For scheduling reasons we had our first combined birthday party for both Dalton and Peanut.  It was a very quiet day and for that we're happy...things around here have been precariously balanced and birthday's are sure to plunge things over into chaos quicker than quick!

Here's the highlights!  

Donosaur the party pooper! Crashing the party (Doesn't he wear purple so nicely!)

Helping mama with his birthday dinner....banana splits!
Allergen-free cupcakes for our little cupcake!
Daddy wore shirt/tie as requested by Dalton!

My little ham!

My version of a Cream Cake like the one he had last year in China.

The cake he had last year that he requested I make for him this year!

When I ordered this flower/candle I secretly hoped it was pink like the one he had last year!
I was so happy it was pink! 

It played Happy Birthday for hours! We cut the cord so it would stop!

Bad picture but he was so proud to sing for himself...and he LOVES wearing this little outfit!

She was SO happy to get this loofah! She said she washes her hair with it!

Cheesiest grins all day...

No real smiles...

Another sharp outfit to wear!

She wanted a new cup so badly....
Because Christmas is prior to his birthday Dalton was a bit overloaded on gifts...he never got A LOT at Christmas but I think it tarnished his expectations of his birthday....actually, that seemed to be just it...he was expecting and expecting...Gratitude is learned and that will be our theme throughout this year!

It can be so overwhelming for everyone and that is exactly what happened. It was an overwhelming day for several of our children....we have a break for a few months before the next birthday.

Overall they both enjoyed their birthdays and we are grateful for that!

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 


  1. Aww, everyone looks great, Jo! They are all so beautiful.

  2. What a lovely birthday party! I loved Dolton in his suit and I'm positive he will look great in his new one! I love that candle also. Where can I buy it? I hope peanut enjoys her new hair washing tool (hehe) and her new cup. She's grown so much and gets cuter every time I see a new picture! I'm happy your looking like you're feeling better too Jolene! God bless!


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