Monday, March 4, 2013

~*And Then We Went North*~

We went and did something crazy! We took our 7 children on our annual trip to the U.P. We knew that it would be very tough on 3 of our children but, tough or not, we were going!

I won't lie to you about any of this. It was downright difficult, at first, for Ana-banana. She kept ordering us to go back home for the first few days and then she finally got into the groove of things and relaxed and went along for the ride.  Dalton had relatively few issues, surprise blessing there!  Sunshine struggled for much of the trip and we did all we could to minimize the anxious moments. He did have moments of joy and fun, however, his actions limit his ability to participate in certain activities.

Lets get on with the bits of fun!

Who doesn't enjoy some howling good fun?
We stayed one night at the Great* Wolf* Lodge*!  We had the Fireplace Loft room and it was so much fun! The girls got the great view and enjoyed the loft space. We all enjoyed the fireplace and having two bathrooms!



The bigger kids could have free run of the place thanks to the very alert and capable lifeguards, of which there was an over abundance, and, for which, I am very grateful! I mostly played in the kiddie pool with the littles! I did have a go at a few of the slides. One day/night was enough for us! We'd consider going back if we could get another really amazing deal, which is the only reason we went this time.  


Who needs to pack a blow dryer!

Only in Michigan! Boots and sathing suits!

Then we headed farther North across the Mighty Mac to Marquette, staying in Grandma's house and visiting Aunt M and our Cousins!  The Upper Peninsula Children's Museum, Presque Isle, and Lakenenland are among our favorite places to visit in or around Marquette.

First up Museum:  

Buckle Up for safety!

Could not get her away from this car!

He looks so big in that little thing!

He finally stopped so I could snap this...he was GO GO GO constantly!

A. had so much fun!

The Airplane is always a hit!

You can call all over the Museum, so much fun!

Ana-banana loves to do hair and have hers done....they were in the Salon a long time!

Cousin S. and me looking fierce! Roar! (What on EARTH was I doing?)

Static much?

Getting checked out by a Hotwheels Driver! Suh-weet!

Loverly young lady! (Yes, its a my dictionary!)

Thank you, Aunt Meems, for your warm hospitality and for loving our kiddos!

Presque Isle


All set for hiking!

All smiles!

Ana-banana is pretending to be a puppy dog in the background!

The girls chariot!

Such sweetness!

Love these peoples!
So, why on earth do we haul all these people up here?

For the view!

Birth trees are a fave of mine!

I'm bossing somebody!

I think that's a smile?

BOB has gone with us on so many adventures (BOB stroller for you that don't know)

Background is much better looking than I!

Hunky hubster

Lake Superior at its finest!

Even the surfers got in on the fun! (Leftover art from the Art thingy they do on the Isle)

Hey look! I'm in a picture!

We made a 2 day side trip to Devin's Alma Mater, Michigan* Tech*. We had to stay in Baraga because Houghton was completely booked up.  Our view of the Lake was Superior!
Ice Shanties in the background and small marina in the foreground.

Lake Superior in all her glory! (L'anse Peninsula in the distance)

Quick trip to Copper Harbor

We call these mushrooms...a phenomenon that only seems to occur in Keewanaw territory)

Totally unedited time to edit right now!

Back to Grandma's house for one more night then we decided to skedaddle home a day early.  Something just told us it was time to head back.  

We left amazing snow and grew sadder and sadder as we drove south toward home.  Around our State Capital, Lansing, the ground was brown. We could have cried!  We're those funny folk that really LOVE snow! Yes, love it, not like....we love it!  

Within a few days of being home a bunch of gorgeous snow dumped on us overnight and we could not have been happier!  

We, always, come back feeling refreshed and blessed.  We learned valuable lessons from this trip.  One being that extensive travel is not a good fit for our family.  We cannot be spontaneous and take off for the wild blue yonder.  Two of our children are constantly in this precarious balance of overwhelming anxiety and emotional stability.

We'll enjoy being homebodies and taking a few trips per year and maybe when I'm old and gray we'll head off for some wild traveling!

Acts 20:2

He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people, and finally arrived in Greece

(Until I can be traveling encourager I'll be home encourager!)


  1. Beautiful!! thank you for sharing! It looks like everyone had a great time!! I love the snow!! can't wait til we can someday do this! I want to see all the snowof the UP!

  2. it always makes me happy to see Devin with the kids!!! so fun to see what God is doing through him and you, nevere would have thought in hogh school :-)


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