Friday, May 3, 2013

~*34 Months....*~


I turned 34 on April 30th...

My parents have always joked that my age was mere months, thus the 34 months...

On my birthday eve I had a panic attack...fearing that everyone would forget it.  That nearly happened, too!  

Someone near and dear my heart did forget it...two years in a row. (I am not trying to make this person feel bad so bear with me a minute!)  

It was strange to have no gifts to open, no cards, no cake, none of that which, we, in our culture, associate with a birthday.  It is humbling, to be in that place.
How cute is this cake? (source)


It was a huge reminder to me *why* birthday's are a trigger for my children from hard places!  They see the traditional fuss made for the day of someone's birth and for many years never had that.  That fear of being forgotten is ingrained deeply in their precious little souls.

My sweet Dalton realized that I had no gifts to open and he set about finding a small gift box, filling it with jewelry and "money" and even wrapping it up for me. 
 That small gesture still brings tears to my eyes. He has been glued to my side the last few days, glowing with love and I think, in the end, that is the greatest gift I could ever ask for!
Greatest gifts of all!
 Proverbs 23:25

May your father and mother rejoice;
    may she who gave you birth be joyful!



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