Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~*Six...Now Seven Months Home!*~

(Pics are random and from the past few weeks...)

I cannot believe they have been HOME for six seven months. Clearly, it has flown by for me. We are neck deep in healing inner hurts, building self-confidence, and teaching verbal communication vs. physical communication (i.e. hitting, pinching, biting). 

Our awesome vacation threw them off for about 2 weeks and we're just now getting back to baseline behavior which brings us several good days in a week. Often, it is like having 4 two year olds. That is extremely mentally and emotionally exhausting and I am learning slowly how to balance all that chaos so it can remain a house full of joy. 
Sun in the eyes much?
Analina is delayed academically. Her "preschool" in China was verbal/visual with songs and movies but no seat work or workbooks. She does about 30 mins at a time of any school work and she's had enough. She had never used a pencil so it was a struggle at first. There are times that she just can't quite write the letter or number with a pencil so we switch to the ever reliable "Magna-Doodle"! We go through these handy tools toys every few years because they are so handy for homeschooling and doodling! 

Love this girl! (I pulled her wonky black tooth)

I'm crazier than my kiddos!

Emotionally, she is getting so much better. We are thrilled with any show of empathy or good choice and we praise her continually to build her up. We are grateful for this little Shanghai Princess!

Dalton is spot on academically and he's been hungry for knowledge for awhile. He struggles with naming his colors or counting how many of something, however, he is great at reciting, so we're working on basic Kinder skills to have him ready for 1st grade next autumn. 

Emotionally, he is such a loveable little guy but does struggle with obedience occasionally. He has a stubborn streak the size of China, which, when paired with disobedience can make a nasty little brew. Typical consequences do not work when he's in that state of mind so we're happy to see him come out of the funky mood! 

Sunshine is still struggling with regulation, however, the eval. he had done on Feb. 1st is complete! I am working on getting information about the next steps and will be writing up a formal post about what we've learned! Academically, he is behind due to his emotional  and we'll be schooling through the summer. On a very bright note we are seeing bits of his personality returning...if we can help him get to the point of emotional regulation he would conquer the biggest of his struggles!
If looks could kill...
We often see the extreme swings from happy to hurting others in the same day.

Kitty is doing fabulous...such a great helper, sister, friend, playmate, boss (~wink~), and all around joy to have around. Of course, she does have her moments!

J.J. is showing a lot of maturity in recent months and he, too, has stepped up as not only a huge helper but as a friend to all these new little ones. He truly enjoys this big loud family and truly enjoys helping. We are grateful for him!  He's been a bit moody, of late, and we're grateful that stage won't last much longer!

Moo-to-the-d! i.e. Moody!
A little better!
Donosaur (7 months) is just like his daddy! In no hurry to do anything! He is happily sitting up now with help and can sorta scoot on his tummy all over to get into trouble.  By this time our girls were so much more physically active that its a nice change to have a little one who is content to do things on his own time frame and is just such a sweet little guy! 
Christmas wrap for an April birthday, yes, of course!

Peanut is having a throw-back recently to her 2 yr old days and that makes for a Mama happy for bedtime...girlfriend is the littlest girl but, by far, the loudest child in the entire house! She is quick to be angry yet quick to forgive!
That about sums up, Peanut!

I'm working on a few more posts...working on getting my blogging mojo back...I think I need to do a giveaway! That would help me get my mojo back!


Proverbs 15:13a
A happy heart makes the face cheerful! 


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