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~*Testimony Tuesday- May 7th*~

I told ya'll {HERE} that the Lord had put upon my heart to feature testimony's from my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

If you would like to be featured there are several ways we can make that happen. 

  • Leave it in the comment and I will feature it in the future.
  • Send me a private message {here}. 
  • Leave the link to your own website/blog with your testimony. 
I have two to feature today!
The first was left anonymously so if you wrote it and want your name attached please contact me! The second testimony shared is by a sweet friend of ours whom I have not seen in eons!

Testimony 1 by Anonymous
I was baptized as an infant and we attended church when I was young. I’ve always walked the line and been the “good girl”, but have been back and forth between church. I’ve always believed things happened for a reason and been a believer, although maybe not a strong Christian. I’ve never really had a “come to Jesus” moment, I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember. There have been many times in my life, however, where looking back I feel God was nudging me and preparing me for his plan. I’ve learned to listen to his voice when I hear it. I’ve learned to try to find the hope in every situation and that sometimes struggles lead to better opportunities and better ways to serve God.

My first job was at a place where many people were not believers. Many of them were brought up in the church, but for whatever reason turned their backs on God and were angry at their upbringing. I never really fit there. I don’t drink. I like to spend time with my husband and family, and make it a priority over everything else. I also believe in what the Bible says and in Creation. I believed honky and cracker are just as bad as the “n” word and called one of my coworkers out on it one day when I was VERY pregnant, tired of the double standard, and a little braver than I normally am. I believe all workers should be hired on merit not by race or gender. I was ridiculed for all those things. The woman who was supposed to be my mentor once told me that she always thought I was “a little right wing nutty” probably for all of those things. I never really spoke up about my beliefs except for maybe 2 instances during the 3 years I was there. I guess my actions made her think this, maybe I should be proud I don't know.

When a coworker who shared opposite beliefs as me became my boss, my troubles began. Now my reviews, which were always excellent before, were subpar and fabricated. I was at risk for losing my job. I continued to do what I felt was right and live the way I believed was right. I struggled emotionally, but I knew I had support from my family and husband. I later realize I also had support from God. My coworkers, who I thought were friends, never showed up for me, but only said how impressed they were with my grace. This was probably my lowest point in my adult life so far. I came to an agreement with my employer and left my position. How humiliating! I still feel that the main reason for my struggles there is because of my beliefs, not because of my job performance. In the end, right before I left, my boss admitted that he thought I was good at my job, but that this wasn’t the place for me.

My husband and I agreed to let me stay home with our child, although I did send out a couple of choice job applications. A couple months later, I received a phone call for a part-time job I didn’t apply for. We decided to try it. If I didn't apply for this job and they are calling me, maybe God wanted me to be there. I started working part-time at this new job where most of my coworkers shared the same beliefs as me. I finally found a place where I fit. Soon after my husband started working nearby, and our life changed for the better. We really feel we are where we need to be. Even though I soon became a victim of budget cuts, I still believe I am now where I’m supposed to be. I’m home with my children, and close to family.

I would just like to forget what happened at my first job, but when I think back on it, after the nausea passes, I realize it has made me stronger, it has made me look to my faith more. I need to trust God and his plan. I need to stick to what I am still learning in church and in my Bible. It is not always easy, but it is the truth and it is preparation for those times when we face struggles and people who no longer believe. I never thought of myself as “right wing nutty” and I still don’t, but I do hope that how I handled a very difficult situation showed something to those around me and made them think. I hope God is proud of how I handled myself, and I look forward to learning more about his plan for me.

Testimony 2 by Jen McConnon

My childhood was pretty average. Grew up in church, did okay in school, was too shy to be too bad. Separation from God comes in many different forms.

Pursuit. When I was 16, I chose to be baptized. Nothing much changed in my life. Enter your theology. Two years later, my youngest sister, who was 10 at the time, had health problems requiring brain surgery. I didn’t know if God was real anymore, and if He was, I wasn’t speaking to Him.

In my early twenties I was married. “Becoming one” did not come naturally. Then I was pregnant – desperately aware that I was powerless, the world did not spin around me, and I did not have what I wanted to offer my family. Hoping to fill my need, I returned to church and God met me there. He blessed me with a wonderful church family who encouraged and nurtured me.

Sanctification. I began to live my life like I had a Lord. As the Lord drew us to Him, my husband and I were also drawn together. My Savior strengthened our marriage. As the Lord showed me how much He loved me, I also could love those around me. As He spoke to me, I have learned to hear His voice. As He has displayed His power, I have learned I need not fear. As He has shown me His relentless love and mercy in my life, I have been convicted to let go of shy and trade it in for a boldness to share the joy my Lord has blessed me with. I’m working on it ….. we’re working on it ☺ Jen McConnon



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