Wednesday, June 26, 2013

~*Lessons From Camping*~

All the preparing in the world will not head off a panic attack over something new. Expect it.

Panic attacks at home because we didn't know what "camping" meant.
Could NOT capture a smile no matter what!

Pop-up camper and tent to hold us all!
No matter how many times the wobbly 5 yr old tells you she's not tired from walking assume so when she falls every 3rd step.

As much smile as we got on camera...with a skeeter bite right between the eyes!

Beautiful wetlands walk!

We covered 1.5 miles on this walk.

My sunshine!

The "little potty" is a lifesaver for all the random potty breaks the 3 yr old takes....especially the middle of the night ones when the bathroom is a good half mile away by foot!

Walkers are for rolling everywhere! Cute story but no picture, sorry. We brought Dono's walker to help contain him while camping and if he hit the blacktop he would take off...he made it half way to the bathroom before getting tired! No worries, Daddy was with him at all times!

 Sticks and stones...err..uh...stones might break your bones but they are lovely to behold.

Sand doesn't taste so good.

Yucky! It was all fun and games till he ate the sand!

The creepiest critters are the coolest ones.
Dragonfly nymph

Family time is precious time!

What a ham!

The rare "on camera" smile!

Hot day, cold water, freezing wind!

Rare smile from J.J. he was nervous about soccer camp the next day.


And *someone* forgot Daddy's swimsuit so he coached from the sidelines.

 1 Peter 5:9
Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.


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