Wednesday, July 31, 2013

~*30 Days of Thoughts: Peants, Egg, and Soy! Oh My!*~

We suspected Food Allergies (FA's) early on with Peanut and when Donosaur showed the same symptoms we looked right at FA's.  
Her big brothers shorts...that are pants on her!

She's our wild child and we love her!

Peanut was recently retested for her FA's and while the SPT (Skin Prick Test) was slightly inflamed (smaller than the positive control but larger than the negative control) the Allergist called her cured and sent us on our way to Food Trial her allergens at home.  She did caution that we should use benadryl, epi pen or call 911 if we needed to! Nope, didn't make me nervous at all!

We quickly added soy oil and lecithin back into her diet with no problems, we have yet to reintroduce true soy, though. 

Next, we wanted to try peanuts. The Allergist recommended that I make cookies with peanut butter added in and give her small ones. 

I gave her a small cookie and waited an hour. Gave her another one and waited an hour and she seemed fine, again. So, I gave her a couple while I fixed lunch. 

I heard her clearing her throat, clearing her throat, coughing....coughing...."Mommy my belly is on fire! And, my throat hurts". 

Hoooo-booooy! Yup, ok, I would call that a FAIL! 

Her reactions always include what I call "personality changes". She becomes extremely whiny and irritable. To the point of crying and screaming non-stop. She has diarr. and stomach pain.

The throat issues, though? That is new and extremely scary! Especially considering the Allergist claimed she was no longer allergic!

I called the Allergist and it was suggested that we give her a few days off then try again! After speaking with other FA Mom's I was informed that ALL food trials should be done in the office!

So, we are done with trialing food at home. Peanut is still allergic to peanuts and that much is clear. I will not be trying soy or sesame anytime soon. 

As for Dono? He is severely allergic to egg! He is too young for the Epi-pen so we need to be very careful with egg around him and in my diet (or his).

Food allergies are real. They affect two of my children that I dearly love. I take their health and safety very serious. Please, never shake your head or think that it isn't something serious. Too many children have died from reactions to not take it serious. 

Psalm 119:50
My comfort in my suffering is this:
    Your promise preserves my life.

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