Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~*Back To Business*~

What did ya'll do for our Nations B-day?

 We kept it simple and awfully quiet. We know that several of our children do not handle loud noises and crowds very well.

So....we went to the loudest place on earth we could think of! My mums house!  My Aunt and Uncle were here from Florida and it was such an amazing blessing to see them!
Aunt Philene and Uncle Bill
I loved seeing them and chatting and hearing stories they told of my Grands and Great Grands!  It seems to be tradition that the women in our family get very loud when speaking to each other....they get really excited about what they are talking about and the more excited they get the louder they get! 

We came home and did fireworks in the backyard. But nothing to write home about...just the cheapos from the Walmart parking lot. Next year? I want to spend some $$ and get the good ones!

 The children had fun and we had full bellies and full hearts!

Aunt Philene, Nana and Papa

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