Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~*How Do Ya'll Do It?*~

Today we spent 6 hours at the local Children's Hospital for sedated MRI's for Dalton and Analina.  

Wow, can we say exhausting? 
How on earth do you all do it? 
You, Mama's, that spend a lot of time at the hospital or clinics with your children that have special needs. 

Dalton was the poster child for anesthesia. He went under extremely well...just breathing quietly until he was out.  He woke up incredibly fast and in no time at all he was munching on gold fish and drinking soda. 

Analina was extremely terrified and was very combative going into this. I stayed with her until she was completely sedated. The Doc. gave her both morphine and teradol. Why on earth would he give such a tiny girl so many heavy duty meds? 

She woke up looking for the biggest fight ever! She did not want anybody messing with her. Nurse Heidi and I worked quickly to get her comfortable and remove all unnecessary equipment.  She couldn't eat anything for several more hours and remained wobbly just as long.

This trip cemented in Dalton's mind what he already knew....that we're not going anywhere and he's safe. For Analina it made her relive all the trauma she endured in China. It gave her the one-on-one attention she craves. 

Soon we go back to U of M for the Spina Bifida Clinic and follow-ups with the Neuro Surgeon. This is going to be another all day event and one that will leave all of us emotionally exhausted.

Please keep my sweet treasures in prayer! Our concerns are for Dalton's shunt and pressure build up in his skull due to his Chiari II malformation and for Analina our concern is about another tethered spinal cord.  


  1. A dear friend of mine has 2 treasures from Haiti that have spinabifida. You might like to pop over to her blog and contact her with any questions. (Her two spinabifida treasures are just 2 of her 15 children . . . and she used to homeschool, too.)


    Laurel :)
    mama of 12

  2. My 2 year old's recent MRI wore me out, too, so I understand. Weekly trips to Shriners for my almost 3 year old (they're 10 mos apart, from China) are much easier than "regular" hospitals.

    A mama of 10 (and totally DONE!)


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