Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We snuck away for a whole week and it was dearly needed by our family. While vacations are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, for children from tough places it can be extremely stressful and scary. Broken routines and schedules, the unknown, the need to control something.....anything to feel safe, 

We could stay home and keep them safe from all the stress and avoid all the fits and behaviors or we could carefully plan out trips and just go.  Put them under controlled stress just enough to give them opportunities to succeed.  They have tools now for self-regulation of their emotions and they need to practice those skills often.  *Mom* needs to practice handling the stress so I know they need to!

With the activities we choose underwhelming vs. overwhelming.  They do not handle big crowds, noisy venues, or extreme heat very well so we chose camping BEFORE Labor Day weekend to travel. 

 We spent 2 nights at Hartwick Pines State Park and the rest of our time at Wilderness State Park in Northern Michigan. I grew up enjoying the trails, pines, and festivals at Hartwick and it blessed this Mama's heart to bring my own children there.  Below are the pics from camping there...soon I will show you our time at Wilderness...which is such a lovely campground and we enjoyed it to the max!

I will now leave you with highlights of our trip!

Mom, she's touching me!

Yes, I was sarcastically saying "DUH" to one of my children, not my finest moment!

The once famous "Monarch" Tree

The Chapel in the Wood

Somebody gots an attitude!

More tomorrow!


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