Tuesday, October 29, 2013

~*Plan of Attack for Analina*~

Analina had another trip to U of M for her Neuro follow-up and to see the Orthopedic Surgeon. What started off as a simple 10 second CT scan...yes, it only takes 10 seconds to take a CT scan, ended with her fully sedated and intubated.

Our plan was to simply give some Happy Juice to make her loopy and then do the quick scan....plans changed when the anesthesiologist refused to allow me to join her.  As a trauma Mama I know that things like sedation and medical procedures can cause panic attacks on one hand to full blown PTSD flashbacks on the other hand.  

No amount of persuading or digging in my Mama Bear heels would get the minds that be to change their plans...she fought for her life and had to be fully sedated. I was not allowed to be with her. She remembers it all, even though we were told she would not remember any of it.

I cried ugly tears. 

Finally, I was called back and was told by Nurse Meanie that I could not touch her....I told her that I was going to kiss my girl on her cheek.  I was read the riot act for touching her. She told me that her airway could close from the slightest movement or touch. I sat there crying ugly tears for 20 more minutes....Nurse Meanie never left her post...knowing I'd sneak in kisses and words of comfort to my sweet girl. 

When we had the sedated MRI done locally at Helen DeVoss they encouraged me to climb up in bed with her and comfort her well. I understand that every hospital has different procedures but one thing is clear, we were not heard. Concerns were not listened to and that is what I grieve. 

The plan for now is to schedule her spinal surgery for the next month or two.  We will need to be covered in prayer. Her type of Spina Bifida is extremely rare and the repair will be extensive. 

Her hip needs extensive surgical repair and her repaired club foot needs repair, again, as well. This will be scheduled when she is healed from her Spinal Surgery. We see the Orthopedic Surgeon in March to discuss when to schedule that surgery.

Jeremiah 8:18
You who are my Comforter[a] in sorrow,
    my heart is faint within me.

John 14:16
And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 

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