Monday, October 21, 2013

~*To Care For Oneself*~

I had a dear sweet friend who shared more than just my love for PSL's, she shared my thick, sticky blood clotting disorder.  She saw to it that I knew what would be beneficial to treating our disorder and what would be detrimental.  Whenever she came across some new tidbit of information on treating it she would send me a message. Her persistence on keeping me updated showed her deep love for others.  She recently passed away possibly due to complications of having the tendency to clot.  

This morning I washed a sinkful of sharp knives and nicked my finger and as I applied pressure to stop the constant stream of red ooze my thoughts turned to my friend that I missed so dearly.  A new definition of what it means to take care of myself emerged from that moment. 

No more will there be those sweet reminders sent in love about what can be beneficial or detrimental in treating this disorder. No more will someone have my back on this.

I'm issuing a challenge. 


Your health
How you care for yourself
Your goals

Don't wait for a light bulb moment.
Don't wait for someone to be sick to be inspired.

Don't wait!!!

 My goals for this challenge

Consistently workout!
(HIIT, Cross Training, Yoga, Running)
Be active with my children!
Be present (limited online time)

This challenge will run from TODAY until December 31! That is 71 days of opportunity to redefine how I care for myself.

How are you going to redefine your health?

Psalm 73:4
They have no struggles;
    their bodies are healthy and strong. 

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