Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~*Ortho Update*~

Analina's hip joint is very complex, not unlike her spinal cord, and will, therefore, need extensive repair. Complicating matters is the size her femur, which is far tinier than her left femur. She will, also, have her Achilles tendon cut, again, to allow her foot to find a better neutral position. 

I was only able to buy her 6 more months of freedom because of the urgency of her situation. In the fall she will have the repair done. Her recovery will include 6 weeks of non-weight bearing restrictions in a cast with brace to keep her hip immobilized. 

I have to tell you that I am very grateful for that 6 month reprieve. Analina's emotional state is extremely important to us and she needs as much time between medical procedures as possible. She's still mad at us about her spinal cord repair. 

She will be re-x-rayed in the late summer and at that point we will schedule surgery for the autumn.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

~*Ortho Decisions*~

We take Analina this week to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to decide together what is in the best interest of my sweet gal. 

Her right hip is dislocated, which is very common for kiddos with Spina Bifida. It affects her repaired club foot leg, which by nature is much weaker, the muscles and even the bones are tinier than her leg side. Her leg length difference is increasing every few months and her leg is not getting stronger, it never will. 

The treatment is to cut the femur, reshape the ball and reshape the hip joint, and put everything back together with screws and bolts and rods then slap on a cast and send her home to recover. 
My concerns include the surgery and recovery, the fact that she is not currently in pain, that she is not an average little girl with a hip problem but a girl with Spina Bifida with hip dysplasia...the dynamic is different with just that one point. 

If surgery is needed we are hoping to wait until she is older. The spinal cord repair knocked the stuffing out of her and this is just as intense, if not more so, than the spinal cord repair. 
We will be discussing wheel chairs and praying we can get one on order soon. It takes about 6 months to complete from start to finish. Why does she need a wheelchair? While she can hobble/waddle for short distances doing the mall, a zoo, camping, etc, is difficult for her and as she gets older she will not want to use a stroller. She will want to be more independent and feel more like a big girl.

We need your prayers. We need the Lord's guidance in determining what is best for our sweet girl. Surgery or not? Now or later?  So much to decide. 

Hebrews 13:16
And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.