Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~*Ortho Update*~

Analina's hip joint is very complex, not unlike her spinal cord, and will, therefore, need extensive repair. Complicating matters is the size her femur, which is far tinier than her left femur. She will, also, have her Achilles tendon cut, again, to allow her foot to find a better neutral position. 

I was only able to buy her 6 more months of freedom because of the urgency of her situation. In the fall she will have the repair done. Her recovery will include 6 weeks of non-weight bearing restrictions in a cast with brace to keep her hip immobilized. 

I have to tell you that I am very grateful for that 6 month reprieve. Analina's emotional state is extremely important to us and she needs as much time between medical procedures as possible. She's still mad at us about her spinal cord repair. 

She will be re-x-rayed in the late summer and at that point we will schedule surgery for the autumn.  


  1. I somehow just saw your comment on my blog from WAAAY back in January when Katee started walking and you mentioned that your daughter walked in a similar way. Now I see you will be going through hip surgery in the fall . . . so are we! I'll have to follow along and perhaps we can support each other through it. Katee does not handle change/pain very well emotionally so it will be very tough. We are looking at surgery in October, but will schedule it for sure at our next ortho appt. in May. You have a beautiful family!

    1. Yes, please let us stay in touch! I will be updating the blog soon!


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