Sunday, November 2, 2014

~*Dalton Recap*~

Dalton was taken into surgery around noon on Thursday and the first incision was made at 1pm. They were technically finished at 5pm but they took another hour or so to get him put back together again but it didn't take all the Kings horse and all the Kings men! 
Beautiful autumn view

He was quiet overnight and slept well and his pain was managed well. Early in the morning his pain had gotten away from us and with shift changes it took awhile to get him comfortable again.

They were on top of the pain once shift change occurred and he was made much more comfortable. I did have to get all Mama Bearish with them but they did hear me and promptly acted. 

God's hand has been enveloping this child since his birth. We are so grateful he was covered in prayer, humbled that our Pastor would stay with us the entire procedure and pray over our sweet son, and fill our cups up to overflowing with the Word of God.
Crazy sleeper!

As Dalton was laid on the operating table and I held his hand the Anesthesiologist thanked me for adopting Dalton and told me she appreciated that we had given him a future. Being from China herself she mentioned that she knew he would not have had any chance of a future in their birth country. 

An O.R. nurse then turned and asked me how she knew me. As it turns out she had taken care of our Analina back in December for Ana's spinal cord repair. I received warm hugs from her, assurance he was in good hands, and more encouragement as a Mama of Many than I have received in a very long time.

I have to giggle a little about this next thing...It was always a desire of mine to go into the medical field, however, God had other plans that included 7 lovely children. As I was puttering around Dalton and doing all the stuff I do to help out the nurses, make him more comfortable and such a Doctor commented that I must have medical training because I just seemed to know so much of what to do and that sentiment was echoed through our two weeks there by many-a-nurse.

As Dalton was gearing up to go home one week after surgery we learned that his intestines were not ready for solid food. He spent over 24 hours vomiting and having horrible abdominal pain. We took him off all food, again, and reintroduced it slowly on Monday, the 27th, to which did give him horrible abdominal pain, again.

Dalton is a tough cookie when he's ill and he is not one to tell us when he's in pain. We go by the look on his face and his body language.

We took the solid food reintro super slow and the Doc thought for sure he'd be home by Wed. No dice! Finally, on Thursday we convinced them to just let us take him home. At home I can play with his diet, work on keeping things moving with different supplements, he can rest and relax and heal. 

Two weeks in the hospital consisted of over 3000 miles and 65+ hours of driving. We are so glad to be home!!

Huge shout out to my MOM who drove 90 minutes and countless hours of Nana-sitting each day to care for our other children. To my Mother (in law) who brought food every 2 days to keep the crew fed back home! What a blessing to not have to worry about that!

Friends who gave their time, prayer, encouragement, meals, gift cards, gifts and their steadfast friendship! 

Psalm 41:3
The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
    and restores them from their bed of illness. 

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