Thursday, November 27, 2014

~*Happy Thanks and Giving*~

This year was incredibly difficult for me emotionally. I can't point to any one particular reason but it was just difficult, and honestly, I was struggling to see the blessings in all the heartache. 

In October I began reading the book "The Best Yes" by Lisa TerKeurst and she believes that in order to have peace you must release. The release finally happened for me at the Refresh Summit.

I released....

The guilt of saying "No" became peace that it was the right decision *right now* for our family and for the little guy we had wanted to adopt

The fear of what others would think if we backed out of an adoption that we so desperately wanted to make work because this specific child was worth it became a realization that its not about never has been..its about God and His glory. 

The fear of what would happen to this wonderful child became a certainty that he was not forgotten and he would be chased after quickly. 

I released and then came the peace. 

Every other thought is now for this child's adoption journey, for the journey his family will take to get him and each thought is a prayer for speed and blessing in that journey. 

This year...gratitude is overwhelming my heart. 

My children are healing physically.
My children are healing emotionally. 

My children are learning to trust that they are safe. 

Nana and Papa

My crazy bunch!


With Grandma

Overwhelming peace and gratitude!

~*Happy Thanks and Giving*~ 

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