Friday, November 21, 2014

~*The Ultimate Love Story*~

This mama's heart is swelling with love as I watch my busy brood build bows and arrows out of K'nex. Their ingenuity always surprises and delights me. To be honest, I am enjoying this quiet moment. After two weeks in the hospital with Dalton, several difficult weeks of recovery,  followed up with the {Refresh Summit}, and my heart is breaking at the same time.

This boy right here.

 He won my heart.

He has won the hearts of so many.

He is loved and adored. He is priceless and precious. He is a gem, a treasure, a miracle. 
This mama's heart breaks for him. All the "if-onlys" in the world cannot change our circumstances to bring him home to us...

 God's plan is bigger. God's plan is grander!
God's love story for this boy will not end now...its only the beginning of the ultimate love story. 

 We pursued adopting this sweet boy and our circumstances changed significantly and now we must leave it to God for someone else to continue the pursuit.

You can do several things. 

Pray for this boy as he waits longer for a family. 
Please consider running AFTER this sweet boy!
Help fund his {Reeces Rainbow page}!

You can learn more about him {HERE} and {HERE}!

John 14:18
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

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